Ladies & Gents,

Unless you have been living on a deserted island I'm sure you will have heard of GDPR, what it means for consumers and what it means for websites and companies. This new EU law comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.

In a nutshell:
  1. Consumers have to opt-in to marketing or "non-contract" emails.
  2. Consumers should be able to easily opt-out of non-contract emails.
  3. Companies should not communicate to customers outside of what has been agreed.
  4. Companies should not retain personal information longer than is needed.
  5. Consumers should be able to request all information held by a company and
  6. Consumers should be able to request to have their data (personal data not posts here) deleted.

There are a whole load more other points but it just waffles on and is not relevant here.

By continuing to login to UKGSer it is assumed that you've given consent to continue receiving the current notification emails you currently do. You can unsubscribe from these at any time by changing your options in your 'Settings' by clicking here.

Data removal:
As has always been the case, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ link below and request your account be deleted. At this point we will remove your personal details and disable your account. Content that you posted will remain intact though as it forms a functional part of the website.

If you have any questions please used the ‘Contact Us’ link below.