View Full Version : Engine parts for Honda XL250RF?

Marjorie Proops
29-04-07, 20:30
Hello Chaps,

A mate of mine has a 1984/5 Honda xl250rf trailee and has been quoted £56 each for the cam followers (£224+ vat for a set of 4!)
Is this about right or does anyone have a supplier that might do a bit better? He has just paid £250 for a new piston and the bike is only worth £500 ish anyway so ha's not sure about forking out that much for a couple of simple bits.
Thanks in advance


29-04-07, 20:38
Dude, sort him out!
And this firm could help you do it....
I'm in the wrong game, 250 for a piston...for one of the most mass produced engines Honda made, WTF?:nenau


Marjorie Proops
30-04-07, 19:11
Cheers Timpo :thumb2