View Full Version : 1992 RM-125

17-06-07, 10:52
I need help! I have owned the above bike for a couple of years and all is well but its geetin to the stage where work needs to be done. The first problem i have to sort out is fork seals, Have got hold of a pair no probs but cant find what oil and how much to put in?
Dose anyone have any ideas of oil grade as need quite a heavy type and the level as got no idea at all !!
If anyone has infomation or where i could get it, it would be a great help


18-06-07, 13:25
I used Silkolene Pro RSF Race 5 WT. Thats what i was told to use by the local suzuki off road dealership, that was in the 48mm Kayaba forks on my rmz 250!!!!!

Hope thats of some help.

Mark. :thumb