View Full Version : dr 650 rear wheel swap??

26-07-07, 22:43
does anyone know if the back wheel off a drz400 will fit a dr650?
(timolgra,posted this as i didnt want to be pestering you.thanks for your help:thumb2 )

27-07-07, 09:28
I'm not sure whether the DRZ wheel fits, when I was looking out for an 18", Timpo was going to bring his wheel to check but we never did find out but I have a feeling it doesn't.

What does fit a DR650 though is the DRZ front end but I opted for Hagon progressive springs instead as it was cheaper.

I'll keep my eyes open for a 350 wheel for you.

27-07-07, 11:17
Ie heard the 350 wheel fits but not the 400. Why not buy a 400; better motor & suspension as standard. ;)

27-07-07, 12:27
Ie heard the 350 wheel fits but not the 400. Why not buy a 400; better motor & suspension as standard. ;)

Ha ha, you bought a 400 because you couldn't find a 650:P :D

650 is air cooled, bullet proof, lower seat height, yes heavier and not the offroad bike a 400 is, but it's a better duel purpose bike, the 350 wheel definately fits... oh and he already has a 650 (with more grunt).:thumb

27-07-07, 15:12
My only regrets are the gearing which is so close together no cog will ever sort it.

The 400 engine is also bullet proof, has the same power as the 650 (down on torque though), saves Ģ35 on tax and gets better mpg. Corbin takes the seat down to 650 level. I love the 650ś basic technology but the 400 is a happy medium between modern technology and the more expensive stuff.

In the U.S the 650 costs less than the 400. Why is that? :P

Given I was saying the 400 was better than an HP2 in another thread, I donīt think you can win this one. ;) :kissy2

I think both bikes are fantastic. :thumb2

27-07-07, 17:42
thanks lads.

as tim says i have a 650 and am trying to improve it

i fancied the idea of no cush drive on the drz rim.

i know this increases wear and tear but a lot lighter and power is more instant.

may have a scource for a 350 wheel though.


27-07-07, 18:53
Doubt you'd notice much difference and it'll effect the handling anyway. I'd go after a Corbin seat and larger tank first - plastic will save weight.