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15-08-07, 13:45
Hi,just thinking about changing my work bike over to a 1100rt and thought I would ask what people thought of them.

Currently run a 1999 1150 gs with 75k on the clock and do 120miles a day in all weathers,(60 miles on motorway).

Love the gs but thought the rt would give better weather protection and be better for the motorway plus a better seat:thedummy.Is the power about the same?

Thanks Matt:thumb2

15-08-07, 13:46
Is the power about the same?

Thanks Matt:thumb2

i think the RT has more, not sure though.

15-08-07, 13:48
Just sold an 1150RT. Weather/wind/buffetting protection was incredible on long boring motorway slogs.

15-08-07, 13:51
1150 would be nice but to much money for a work horse:(

Can you get radios for them(1100rt that is)


15-08-07, 14:02
Sorry Matt, wasn't suggesting you think about an 1150, simply that the 1100 which you are thinking about has virtually the same protection as the 1150 which I have experience of.

15-08-07, 14:22
Thanks will,what did you get instead?

1150 lovely looking bike did you have it long?


15-08-07, 14:29
Whole story here ... http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67333

charlie b
15-08-07, 17:33
1150 would be nice but to much money for a work horse:(
Can you get radios for them(1100rt that is)

Yes some do come with radios, not on mine but it was a common option.

A good cheap mod is putting GS intake tubes on the 1100RT to boost mid range response where you need it for real world riding, cut and thrust in traffic, overtakes.

There are plenty about now, reasonable prices. Weather protection on 1100 is same as 1150 but the older model is obviously more cost effective to buy.

For commuting I leave the panniers off to facilitate filtering through tighter gaps but can carry plenty of stuff in a top box/tank bag/bag on pillion seat combination.

AFAIK the RT has 10 bhp more than GS or R models. I don't find it a slouch if you're in a hurry and mine has been great, all weathers, two-up+ baggage. I'm a fan!! :thumb2

Good luck

15-08-07, 21:26
Thanks Charlie,I think I'll have a look around for one as I have put 35k on my gs in just over a year,I dont want to lose all the value off of her.


24-08-07, 05:31
Have sent you a PM. john

24-08-07, 08:07
1100RT is a great choice for the commuter. Take time to find one with a radio and get an autocom plumbed into it professionally. I had this done in nearly 3.5 years ago and I'm still using the same cabling and helmet headset. The radio will take the sting out of the miles.

If you're looking at an 1150RT be warned. The servo Brakes are linked. The rear brake pedal does start to operate the front brake as you depress the foot lever. You need to be very wary when attempting a feet up full lock U-turn. Early 1150 servos are very sharp.

The saddle and the footpegs are too close on the lowest saddle height so put the saddle on at least it's mid postion.

If the 1100RT you're looking at has covered more than 40,000 miles it should be on it's second clutch by now. Unless the seller can show it's been replaced, knock 700 off the price. Likewise the original rear shock is good for only about 40-45000 miles. A replacement Hagon item will set you back 250. (The original shock is black and has a remopte preload adjuster under the left side-panel. A Hagon shock is red and is not remotely adjusted) Check the front wheel very carefully. They dent easily. An easy fix by Hagons but knock at least 200 off if she's got a dented rim. 1100RT Clutches will last for ages so long as you adjust free-play on a regular basis.

If it feels lumpy at low revs or "surges" slightly on a constant throttle, don't be too put off. It just needs to be serviced by somebody who knows what they're doing.

Get a good a RT and it'll be the bike you never sell.

31-08-07, 11:09
Thanks Keyframe,I will keep an eye out for one with a radio.:thumb2

Gs has just spat its dummy out.Gearbox has just started to make loverly whining noises:blast:spitfire

So looks like I will have to get that fix first,not a nice job.:tears


31-08-07, 12:54
I love RTs and always have. Great commuter and holiday/ everything else bike. Bought my first in 1987 and had them ever since until last year. I had an 1100 RT for three years and an 1150 RT for four years after that. The 1150 is a great bike, very comfortable and the brakes are fabulous once you get used to them. As said before if you happened to buy an early one with servo brakes be very careful when trailing the rear brake in traffic or slow manoeuvering as the are very grabby. Later ones had a different bias to the rear and were less savage.

Of the two, I think the 1100 is probably the better RT. The five speed box is really all you need, the motor has loads of power and the bike handles extremely well and, without side cases, is not as wide as you might think. Also, despite what people will tell you, and the appearance, there is better weather protection on the 1150. The seat heights are different which permitted me to use the middle setting, with the screen just short of full extension, and ride with my visor up in all weathers. I could never find a setting on the 1150 that allowed me to do this and I was always wetter on the 1150 than on the 1100. Global warming possibly?

Another thing to consider is if you travel a lot in the dark. Does your commute keep you out in the evenings in winter. If it does, get the 1100. The lights on the 1150, although they look much sexier and have the spots built into the sides, are, to put it plainly, rubbish. On right hand bends in the dark, they are downright dangerous. There is an L-shaped cone of darkness, just where you want to see as you negotiate a right hand bend and there is no way to adjust the lights to eliminate this that I know of.

However, don't get me wrong. Would I recommend an 1150? Yes. Would I recommend an 1100 over an 1150? Probably. Is the R1200 GSA a GS with an RT fairing and better than both of them? Abso-friggin-lutely. :thumb