View Full Version : Transfer issue 2720

21-01-08, 12:00
Having compiled a UK tour route covering just over 2000 miles I saved the route and then transfered it to my 2720, however when I access it on the 2720 the total route is showing to be a total 498 miles which gets us as far as southern Ireland.

Anybody have any possible solution please?


21-01-08, 13:25
Split the total route into routes for each day. You will not then exceed the maximum number of waypoints per route.

21-01-08, 13:39
I made my 3000 mile Europe trip as one route and although it loaded onto the 2720 all right any changes I wanted to make during the trip became a nuisance to do properly. I have since found it much more practical to have a separate route for each day.

21-01-08, 21:49
Thanks guys, guess I've overloaded it.