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14-04-08, 19:13
Can any body tell me how i can listen to the voice promps on my new garmin 550 please.

Do i need some kind of headset ? or can i do it by bluetooth on my mobile phone using the mobiles earphones ?

I do have a autocom active 7 unit on my bike, but no other equipment. Can i use this, and if so what additional parts would i have to buy ?


14-04-08, 21:26
http://www.zumoforums.com/ :thumb2

15-04-08, 10:46
Have a look at this http://www.autocomamerica.com/files/InterfacingtheZumo5501.pdf

Summary - using your exisiting Active-7.
If you demand stereo music, GPS prompts and mobile phone through the 550 use 1276 + 1314
If you are happy with mono music into both ears (fine for me!), GPS prompts and mobile phone through the 550 use 1300
If you just want stereo music + GPS prompts from the 550 use 1314. You could even use your exisiting mobile phone lead if you have one.

16-04-08, 22:07
Thanks for your help fellas i'll give these links a try. :clap

16-04-08, 22:18
But PLEASE do a proper search on the subject on Zumoforums before asking (another repeated) question...

If not you are at risk that that :mcgun moderator might come on to ya :augie