View Full Version : Dover meeting pint Friday

13-06-08, 11:53
Oh yes pun intended.:blast I have had a look onthe web for pubs and like the look of this one.
The Prince Albert 83, Biggin St, Dover, Kent, CT16 1BB

The beer is always good quality and the now increasing variety of ciders, including strawberry & pear, as well as a great selection of real ales make this place well worth a visit if you're in town

7.30pm tonight onwards. If it is pants then we can either go elsewhere or home to bed.

Be there or be sozzled somewhere else.

Deleted Member I
13-06-08, 12:07
Don't think I will make it!

See you at the port tomorrow morning!

Deleted Member I
13-06-08, 16:39
Just finishing work now :D