View Full Version : datatool system 3 alarm

14-06-08, 13:57
today, i didn't disarm and after rac came out and fiddled around for an hour it re-set it self and worked, now it doesn't work again won't turn off.

battery fine, fuse fine all wiring ok, as all been checked.

has anyone had similar probs etc?

cannot ride it at moment and cannot get it to barhnstomers as no service bike, so cannot get home. so sat in friends garage at moment.

14-06-08, 14:47
PM'd you a solution..................

Al :D

14-06-08, 18:33
recieved pm, thanks.

anyone who lives near to winchester could come out and help me sort this, have a solution to sort it but have no idea which parts are what.

16-06-08, 18:07
bike recovered to bahnstomers today after bmw service team came out to me again.

but one thing thats really peed me off is bahnstomer have said they won't get to look at it properly for next few days, and going to take up to 2 weeks...wtf, then datatool phone me, said its sounds like the circuit board has gone and for replacement and new key fobs 140 OMG