View Full Version : how do i fit a new exhaust?

02-07-08, 11:57
Hi guys i have a replacement exhaust for my dakar do i need to put any compound ( what? )on the insert when fitting? cheers for you help

02-07-08, 12:08

Unless you've bought the wrong exhaust.:augie

02-07-08, 12:10
its the same exhaust that i have on :its the original bmw one i got it given .... so it just slips on and tighten up? sweet!

02-07-08, 12:28

02-07-08, 13:58
oh no!!!!!!! its not the same exhaust the new one is off a 04 bike and mine is a 53 so its got a smaller diameter pipe than the new one, i fond out right at the end as well after stipping and reffiting thenew one now i either have to sleeve it or take it all off and fit another exhaust. was considereing a remus or scorpion. dont know what to do???

John Armstrong
02-07-08, 14:04
They can be sleeved as the one that was on Mickys bike was if you look here: http://www.adventure.gs/F650GS-Dakar.html and the 2nd piccy down on the LH column.

02-07-08, 14:06
will i have to buy a sleeve and where from??? maybe i could cut the old exhaust?

John Armstrong
02-07-08, 14:09
Probably get a local metal bashers to fabricate one for you.

Easier I'd guess to sell the wrong one on ebay and buy the right sized one. Unless you are imobile with the current set up :(

02-07-08, 16:48
Sorry ignor this.

02-07-08, 21:53
I did it ... i cut i piece off the old exhaust and it fitted in as a shim in between the new 05 oem exhaust works a treat.. it sound a lot smoother and seem to run a little etter in low range the last exhaust got blocked/leaded up from a trip to africa and having to use leaded petrol...

good to know for the future its easy to doctor a 05+ exhaust to an older bike with a piece off the old one cooooolll