View Full Version : short light - long lights

09-11-08, 18:46
Is it possible to connect lights in such a was that when you put on the long distance lights the short distance dosen't get off (just like happens when you press the button for a stroke ("Rafaga"?).

Don't you find when you put on the long light and the short light gets off you can't see a sh*t?

09-11-08, 20:19
Yes you can but you will burn out your electrics. Best bet is to replace the existing reflector in the housing with a 2004+ one that will let you put an off-road bulb in ( 90W I think)

Otherwise get additional lights

09-11-08, 20:28
You can fit additional auxilliary lights, or convert to HID lights to brighten things up.
Alternatively, Touratech offer a twin headlamp unit which may enable both lights to be on at the same time.