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Navy Boy
15-12-08, 13:17
Hi All

I'm looking for some advice please. Mrs NB and I will be travelling to the Mpumulanga region of SA next week by bike. We've hired a new 650GS and have 5 days' worth of riding to use.

Now I lived there (Near Nelspruit) back in the 1980s however I know that the region has changed greatly since then. Does anyone have recent experience of the region? If so what places do you recommend?


15-12-08, 16:40
Register on the South-African forum for DS bikes

Wilddog Forum (http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?board=12.0)

the link is the international section, there is several guys who live in Nelspruit region who will more than likely be able to give you advise.

I haven't been around that specific area the last 6 years but God's window, Pelgrims Rus etc etc comes to mind :thumb The road from Sabie towards I think Wit Rivier is pure biking nirvana from memory. Yuu also have swaziland 30 minutes down the road which is great for on and offroad trips and the locals very friendly :beer:

Navy Boy
04-01-09, 15:48
Well folks, here's a brief summary of how our South Africa trip went...

The twin-cylinder 650 GS which I hired from Motorrad Executive Rental (Round the corner from BMW Boksburg dealer and uses BMW Motorrad style lettering in their signage etc.) with some 7500 miles on it breaks down on first day with well documented hose problem. The emergency numbers which the place gave us didn't work (Engaged or simply rang and rang) with the result that we ended up buying a pair of pliers so that we could reattach the hose each time it came off.

BMW assist came out the following day, put a new hose and jubilee clip on, and went away again. Bike overheated again the following day and emptied the contents of the header tank out of the lid whilst on the move...

Managed to get a hire car for a day or two whilst bike-less (BMW assist came and took the bike away) whilst I arranged another bike to be delivered.

A 1200 GS was supplied but this one had an oil leak with the oil coming out of the LH (As seen as you sit on the bike) plug hole. Said problem was only apparent after the first ride and the oil level didn't drop appreciably so I used the bike and reported it upon return.

The hoilday was depressing for a number of other reasons however the experience with Motorrad Rentals really did leave a sour taste in the mouth.

So, a word of warning. Don't use this company if you're thinking of hiring a BMW in South Africa. Their organisation is sorely lacking and could have serious consequences for you should you be unlucky enough to have to use their services.


04-01-09, 16:28
I reckon Ewan and Charlie knew something you dident!.
dave gs.