View Full Version : Early team meet?

26-01-09, 19:46
Just noticed the Ace Cafe has an "overland adventure bike day" 8th Feb at 9am.

Anyone fancy meeting up that day for a coffee and a look around - I'm going to take a ride down anyway maybe some fellow Calums roaders will make it!

27-01-09, 06:29
Sorry working that weekend

(RIP) Nakambale
27-01-09, 07:56
can't make it either, in the States all next week for work:eek

Betty Swollocks
27-01-09, 23:18
Sorry Richard, a little far away for the Irelanders!

Anyways, I think I spent enough this month. LOL :bounce1

28-01-09, 21:33
Aye! That you have. It turned up today. Time to get wrapping.

29-01-09, 16:36
Like wise Richard, 'fraid I can't really make it either - however if it turns out that lots can I might be able to re-arrange stuff so will keep an eye on this thread.