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Betty Swollocks
11-05-09, 00:01
A few days ago, myself and MasterBaker decided to take a run up to Skye, then drop in and have a look at Calum'sRoad. Ran it past Neil23 and he was up for it as well.

So ferry booked for Troon on Wednesday morning......

Then on Tuesday night, Neil phones.... he's made it to Troon, ready to greet us in the morning. He warns me of the gale force winds and wouldn't blame us for opting out..... but oh no.... we carry on anyways.

0900, ferry docks in Troon. 0925, the rain and wind are just gettin up, when Neil arrives at the RV point..


We hit the road and take the scenic route, ending up in Fort William for a late lunch about 2.30 in what seems like the wettest day of the year.

The winds pick up on the way to Skye.... getting near gale force and the rain is relentless. We hit the B&B around 6.30.... quick change and it's the pub for some beer and grub.

To our surprise, HRH Oonyack and Novice are already in attendance. Great craic had that evening, but warnings of big winds for Thursday, so we prepare for the worst.

The 70mph winds were an understatement, so, thanks to the pub owner, who let some of us shelter our bikes from the worst of it...... MasterBaker took his chances and left the "bile green" 1100 out in the storm


All the ferries to the islands were cancelled Thursday, so we chilled out....
we were staying here.. http://www.skye-yoga-holidays.co.uk/

So, Neil and Colin thought it would be good to have a go..... the rest is captured by HRH in this thread............


Friday morning, it was still blowing a bit and raining a lot, so we headed off to Calum's Road..... well tried to.

We arrived at Sconser at 10.30, for the 10.25 ferry...... you can imagine the rest........ next ferry not till 11.30, then wouldn't get a return till 14.30, putting us on Skye at 14.50....... blah, blah, blah.
We did a show of hands, binned the trip to Raasay and headed to Applecross .

Neil had never experienced the Glenelg ferry, so, we thought it was a must do.
The run over to it wasn't too bad, but the crossing itself was very stormy and loads of hail.
The guys operating it stated they may just bin the rest of the day, as the winds were getting a little too much. They asked where we had been and what our plans were, so we told them about Raasay..... they already knew about the Calum's Road trip next year and the charity.... so we were given free passage, if we agreed to put the 5 each into the charity pot.....

Excellent gesture from the guys on Glenahulish....:oonyack....... and the 15 has been donated.

For those on the site who have not before experienced the Glenelg ferry...... I would thoroughly recommend that you give it a go..... the views to and from it are world class. The ferry is community owned and I beleive they need our support to help them survive.



The run over the pass of Cattle was good.... the views were fantastic


We headed on again and got a couple of rooms at the Letterfinlay Lodge Hotel, where we were treated to some Stornoway black pudding...... :drool

Saturday was another crap weather day, so, we bit the bullet.... changed the ferry to the earlier, 3pm from Cairnryan.
We did our goodbyes with Neil in Glencoe and headed off through some of the wettest weather my GS has ever seen.......
Motorway floods in Glasgow, Hail storm with high winds on the M77, but all made it home in one piece.

We never actually made it to Calum's Road..... but vowed to take a wee run up some time soon. The craic was great, and the company was excellent.

Thanks to Oonyack for keeping us company, Neil23 for putting in the effort and doing even more miles than us and a big thank-you to the weathermen, who didn't warn us that this was gonna be the crappiest weather weekend of the year so far!

(RIP) Nakambale
11-05-09, 07:40
Good write up, although that vision of that next generation of yoga meisters on HRH's thread is something to behold :eek Shame about the weather and this is only May. Think about the fun and games we will have next January :eek:

Weather's pretty good up here today, if it keeps up I may be tempted to have a quick nip across to Skye on Friday too.

Betty Swollocks
15-05-09, 22:22
Well, it's wifey's birthday, so kids are at Gran's. We took the car up to our favourite hotel in the world. Glengarry Castle Hotel. Just on the Invergarry junction (road to Skye)
So I have suggested it tonight over dinner, Calum's Rd is only a couple of hours away.
So, should I be a model husband, or get our car up to see Calum's Rd?

Answers before 10am please, gotta balance the trip with marital bliss!

Deleted Member I
15-05-09, 22:25
It was nice and sunny when I went past the ferry on Thursday :augie


Betty Swollocks
15-05-09, 23:05
yip, our trip was followed by un-rivaled sunshine. Same back home.
The weather here today wasn't good again.
Anyways, my question is, should I be romantic, or go visit a Tosser's holy Grail ?

16-05-09, 01:43
I asked myself the same question around 5 pm yesterday. I was in Ullapool and was thinking about a Calum's Road visit but decided against it for various reasons too boring and longwinded to go into here.

So I'm now back home after a disappointingly mediocre Indian in Aviemore and nearly falling asleep on the A9...

(I'd say go for it :D (Calum's Road, I mean))

(RIP) Nakambale
16-05-09, 09:41
Went for a long ride out yesterday, but didn't make it up to Calum's road :(

Got wetter that a drowned cat on the way back and windy is not the word :eek: I'd planned to go for another bimble today but it's chucking it down so sod that. I'll just sit back and :beer: instead.

16-05-09, 09:45
Went for a long ride out yesterday, but didn't make it up to Calum's road :(

Got wetter that a drowned cat on the way back and windy is not the word :eek: I'd planned to go for another bimble today but it's chucking it down so sod that. I'll just sit back and :beer: instead.

Odd spot here yesterday nice today:thumb2

Here Betty limited ferries on a Sunday


Betty Swollocks
17-05-09, 20:44
Made it over on the 12.30 ferry........ the island was beautiful, but more remote than I expected. Just turn left I was told, you can't miss it.... and there it was


It was a nice day but I couldn't help wondering what the weather would be like in January....... any ice at all and....... well you know the rest.......


I met a couple of walkers, who have been visiting the area for 35 years.... they knew the man himself, knew about our trip and showed me to his house.... apparently his daughter still owns the house and stays there during school holidays. Anyways, I'm glad I went..... it has made it all a bit more real......