View Full Version : Skipping a Waypoint

13-06-09, 17:56
Did a search, couldn't find the answer - I know it's basic question, but what happens when i create a route and designate a waypoint that is close enough to where I want to go - say in this case Mizen Head.

The I upload the route to the device and go ride. I get close to where i want to go, say within a mile, but not precisely where I pegged the waypoint in Mapsource.

I decide i want to go to the next stop. how do I get the sat nav to stop trying to reroute me to Mizen Head, and get it to route me to the next waypoint in my route?

Sorry if this is a basic question - still trying to figure this out.

16-06-09, 14:21
I'm not absolutely sure what the minimum is that you need to do, but this is what I have set, and I use GPS (Zumo and Quest) in the same way as you

1. Turn off the 'automatically recalculate if off route' function on the GPS. This way, you can wander off route and simply use the map overview (2D mode) to bring yourself back to the planned route. Once you're back on route the directions will start again

2. If you use 'waypoints' as opposed to via points (aka shaping points - the ones that are there simply to pin your route along the roads you want to ride) I think the GPS is more inclined to route you back to a waypoint that you have missed. I think the Quest will try for about 3 turns to bring you back, and then gives up if you carry on ignoring it. I'm not positive about this, as I only use waypoints to mark the start and end of a route - I tend not to have them part way round.