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22-07-09, 11:31
I'm the happy owner of a F650 GS Dakar from 2000 with 13800 miles on the clock now. A pleasure to ride, well looked after by previous owner, no problem whatsoever, so I haven't had to do much and realised I don't know anything about the bike really...but I've had it for a few months and it would be time to service it a bit, and in preparation for a little trip to France. What is the best manual for this bike? All I could find was the Clymer F650 1994-2000. Is that suitable and the only one available? just need to know what's the best engine oil/coolant/clutch/brake/chain settings... stuff like that
Many thanks

(RIP) The Wilbur
22-07-09, 12:43
That Clymer manual covers the earlier models with carbs.

Haynes have recently produced one that covers the Fuel Injected bikes.

Or you could try the Resources section, over at www.f650.co.uk where there is a few manuals on PDf file to download.

22-07-09, 12:50
Hi Vincent,
Not to poach you and others away from this fanastic site. :comfort
You can get a free copy through the f650 site. I do have folder version but with you at the other end of the country it`s gonna be a pain to sort that out.
So, at the top of every page on here there is a couple of yellow lines ... Look within for Useful Links ... and the directs you to lots of info ... Scroll down 9 of these chapters to Clubs/Forums etc and then f650 site ... click on that to open the www.f650.co.uk site ... you could sign in on that site and ask owt you want to do with your bike. At the top on the right find Resourses ... next find Documentation ... F650 GS in PDF format - Courtesy of Pond Boy.
Just to add, for some reason it seems that some chapters are missing (also in my folder manual :nenau) but delve into the f650 site and all your answers are in there.

I have the same bike as you and I got DVD made up from someone free just add p+p but that covers the f650 Funduro though very good to learn as much as you can with an engine very similar to ours.

Enjoy :D Dakarnoway

22-07-09, 16:32
if you dont like the download manual, check out motorworks, they have both the haynes and original bmw manual

22-07-09, 17:34
Very helpfull. I found the PDF link and the Haynes manual on motorworks. I'll be back for some more for sure...