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01-06-04, 15:28
On me travels in 10 days,

Starting off @ Victoria Falls, traveling through Botswana and then on to Durban for a few days, any thoughts on things not to miss.

Sadly none of it by two wheels you never know one day......

I've gotta few days free at Vic Falls and in Durban so any sugestions welcome. I've got Botswana organised and covered.


01-06-04, 15:33
Don't miss the bungee jump off the bridge at Vic Falls!!

01-06-04, 15:58
Vic Falls :eek: would you not be better off just zipping straight across the bridge into Zam?

Last time I was there, the Bungie, Rafting and Jet boating crews were moving across the bridge, because the local … ehem … ‘taxes’ (if you know what I mean ;) ) where getting excessive . Besides, in Zam you didn’t need to worry about getting hauled off to jail because you wanted to … optimise the exchange rate ;).

When you say you have Botswana covered, presumably you mean Chobe and the Okavango as a minimum. :thumb

… If you can spare the time, Namibia may be a bit of a diversion but it is stunning (the brochure for the 1150 GS was photographed there).

The place will have your jaw dropping all the way down from the Skeleton Coast, through Etoshia NP and carrying on into the Naknuft NP, and finally down to Luderitz, the Fish River Canyon and beyond.

If you need any more info, I'll get my maps out when I get home :thumb

01-06-04, 16:30
That's what I meant - when I did the jump it was off the bridge on the Zam side.

03-06-04, 07:16
The Zambian side is definitely much nicer - and you can get to an area just above the Falls where you can swim - well - there didn't seem to be anyone trying to stop us.
Walking down and seeing the Falls on the Zambian side - I stayed in Livingstone (Zam) and used to go up to the Falls on Thelma.
There are full-circle rainbows (yes, I know, someone infinitely more knowledgeable than I will now inform me of the proper name for them) - look out for them.

And, if you had the time - Jungle Junction, a small island in the middle of the Zambezi, upriver from Vic Falls - a must for a couple of days - just chilling and watching the hippos and the crocs.

If you're not up to bungee jumping - and I am definitely a non-jumper, it is very stomach-churning just walking across that bridge and watching them jump.

have a great time as I am sure you will

King of the ZULU Nation
05-06-04, 20:23
White water rafting @ Vic falls is awesome, of course you might break something,die , or get eaten by a croc(but its worth doing anyway) The falls are everything you have heard about and more.Try Tea and scones at the Vic falls hotel and you will be taken back to a bygone age of Empire!

If you like African Art you would enjoy Chapungu Sculpture Park at Msasa Harare Zimbabwe.In Zim Buy a pair of Courteney boots (Elephant,Kudu, Buffalo skin all available) These boots are the best you will ever wear.I think they are on the net www.courteneyboot.com

Nyanga area is well worth the trip if you can do it(Stunningly beautiful mountainous area in east of Zim) and if you like then south and through mutare and into the vumba

All of this of course will eat your time as a few days would be needed to see Nyanga etc.You will need to check the travel situation in Zim as I am not sure how comrade Mugabe is receiving visitors at the moment.Be careful near the presidential palace in Harare as the Army have been known to be very paranoid about people in this area.

Ps when you get to Durban say hello to the nice Zulu folks