View Full Version : .gdb waypoint files and RoadTrip ~

David Nimrod
20-05-10, 19:56
Any idea how to use .gdb POI files with RoadTrip..?

I just can't figure it out :blast

20-05-10, 20:52
Easy just import the file ...under the file menu

David Nimrod
20-05-10, 21:19
Easy just import the file ...under the file menu

Now why didn't I think of that :augie :blast :D

Thankyou!!! :thumb2 :beerjug:

(It's been one of those weeks...)

David Nimrod
21-05-10, 08:17
Another couple of questions:-

Why does sending POI's from RoadTrip sometimes (and sometimes not) launch Mapinstall..?

Is the POI memory in the 2820 of a certain finite size, or does it depend on the amount of other data in the unit, mp3's for example..?

Many thanks in advance :thumb2 :beerjug: