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19-06-04, 19:08
did a photo shoot today for the local south wales evening post .
me and the landy and the bike , sfunny but a lot of folks still dont know about this event.. gave the website a plug
put them right on a few things and hope fully get a good write up monday or tuesday..:thumb :GS

28-06-04, 12:41
ok it was the southwales evening post but its a start ..
ful page write up as well.
had our entry sponsor on the phone today , organising a photo shoot for some building publications (any pr is good pr)
so as soon as the pr piccys become available i will post up ..
cheers for now slimbo.

30-06-04, 19:30
ok i spet my lunch money on chasing sponsorship today,
lots of good noises but i will be happier if they come through..
someone had a good idea for food abroad! and suggested brit army ratpacks light tasty?? and no delli belly?
anyone out there have any contacts?
have sent a couple of emails but as yet nothing in the off..
bye for now slimbo.

22-07-04, 18:36
the local yoof footie club has donated there old kit for some gambian schools,
so we now have five full footie kits to give away..

29-07-04, 14:00
twas the fine folks at landrover monthly.
we are having a feature dun on us for the october issue! or was it september?
anyway soon to have national coverage with a good magazine..
so keep yer eyes peeled..

03-08-04, 13:54
the fine folks at A&N stores ltd
196 stratford road shirly solihull
west midlands
so we now have top class accomodation en route
comes complete with groungsheet and sleep pod it fits on the back of a lage vehicle ie landrover and is freestanding ..

03-08-04, 14:01

03-08-04, 14:02
actually this is the small version shown ours is even bigger . takes only 15 mins to erect too..

05-08-04, 20:49
check out this place (news section)


05-08-04, 21:14
Did you mean THIS (http://www.waf.ws/DesktopModules/AnnouncementSingle.aspx?ItemID=557&mid=157) mate???

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D

06-08-04, 15:56

06-08-04, 19:42
Go to the actual page you want to link to and copy the URL straight out of the address bar...even if it has a load of gobbledegook.......

I presume you're just copying the link address?.

Hey...you wanna see something REALLY flash???

:D :D

<iframe frameborder="1" height="800" scrolling="auto" src="http://www.waf.ws/DesktopModules/AnnouncementSingle.aspx?ItemID=557&mid=157" width="850"></iframe>

06-08-04, 21:19
double git!!

15-09-04, 18:16
did a photo shoot today with the fine folks at wernick buildings ,
if it wasnt for their entheusiasm i would be depressed at times.

top folks heres one of me and the big boss man ..

15-09-04, 18:20
this be us leaving the venue , (factory) .
a person free piccy , we had to truck it over due to waiting for parts from sponsors ...

17-09-04, 18:52
the fine folks from autocom have agreed to supply us with a new active system , complete with leads and ear defender headsets .
so no deafening conversations due to a noisey landrover whine..
top chaps all

21-09-04, 14:15
autocom the best system in the world ..but dont take my word for it im biasd ..

package arrived today one active seven and leads plus two peltor eardefender headsets..

these folks are really fantastic peeps to deal with ..

26-09-04, 17:06
from autocom turns into this.

21-10-04, 13:45
last night a kindly chap gave us a sun lounge ?
see piccy ..
just a couple of bannister rails and a tarp!!! luvaduck!! bleedin simple innit!
and a full exhaust system ..
he was also a mine of information , gave plenty of advice ref the engine and trans , he told me we may have a 2.5 engine with an unleaded head , brill more power for the beast .. also we have v8 brake drums? (parrently theyre bigger)..

but its days like this that give us impetus and spirit to keep on with it (i didnt know how hard the begging can be but my skin is getting thicker)..
and every day im supprised on the generosity of complete strangers...

21-10-04, 13:48
nuvver piccy

29-10-04, 20:18
so this week i have been off and spent the most if it fettling the landy . firstly to ampshire!! to safari engineering to pick up the leaf springs, and the elusive lhd swivelhub arm...plus a webber carb to help with the fuel economy..
on return i fitted the swivelhub arm and oops spot the wally !!, it turns the wrong way ...:(
parrently the worm gear in the steering box is handed and were using a rhd box!.
so on monday off to the local bearmach suppliers , and after a couple of phone calls and an email or two we now have a brilliant and generous new sponsor, swansea 4x4 centre..
they have given us six tyres and the corretly handed worm drive for the steering .... :bow
so the fettling continues, and i would have prefered it to be drier but the weather being as predictable as a punch up in swansea on a saturday night has tried its best to stop us..
first order was to fit the springs , the rears went on a doddle, the front a tad more dodgy !!! dunno why its only meccano..
still only one spring left to fit and tis done!!
stay tuned folks for the next enthralling installment of rust wars , a challenge too far !!! :beerjug: