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08-07-10, 07:54
This may well be very simple, but it certainly isn't for me.

I have a newly acquired Garmin Oregon 450t with Euro base map and the new Garmin Discoverer (http://www.garmingbdiscoverer.co.uk/) 1:50k dual layer map of the UK (raster/vector mapping). What I want to do is to use this to navigate a series of trails and have the unit navigate me via road to the start of each trail.

I've used Memory Map (http://www.memory-map.co.uk/maps_uk_onland.htm) 1:50000 OS mapping of the UK on the PC to create routes of trails near where I live, like this:http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4117/4764892474_4cb01af0ca_b.jpg

Each trail is recorded separately and numbered. I used the GPS connectivity in Memory Map to send these routes to the Oregon. On the Oregon, I go to Where To>Routes and the routes all appear like this:


So far so good. What I want to do now is have the unit navigate me from where I am to the start of the route on the road, and this is where it goes wrong. If I set the unit to Setup>Routing> Guidance Method On road for Distance it takes me to nearest waypoint of my off road section but recalculates the off road section to try to reach all the off waypoints via the road and looks a right mess


The blue pins are my waypoints, and it's drawn a convoluted route to try to reach them all including a random 100km detour south!

If I set the Oregon to setup>routing>guidance>off road it just draws a straight line to the start of the route.

I've tried the following:

Save the Memory Map routes to gpx, import into Mapsource, send to the unit - result, same.

Save the Memory Map routes to gpx, convert to tracks with winGDB3, import to mapsource, send to unit - result, I can see the tracks on the unit but it won't navigate to it.

As above but converting with basecamp, same results.

I bought this gps as it seemed to cover the bases of navigating the trails using OS mapping but using the vector mapping for routing but I'm struggling.

Any ideas, anyone

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08-07-10, 09:33
I use an old Quest for trail rides, and I set a waypoint at the start and end of the trail. To get to the trail I just get the Quest to navigate to the appropriate waypoint.

Most of the trails that I have are track logs that have been posted up by otehr people. Once I'm at the start of the trail, I turn off the route recalculation, display the track log on screen and just follow that (if the trail is not obvious). If you don't have track logs of the trails, I think your best plan is to have a minimum of waypoints on the trail and let the GPS navigate in off-road mode between these. In reality, you just need enough waypoints to get you through any confusing trail junctions, and when you're out riding if you know the direction of the next waypoint on the trail this is enough to help you decide which trail to take at a junction.

12-07-10, 13:26
If I could turn off route auto calculation I think it would work, but it doesn't have a setting for that. It does have Automotive mode, which is what I've been using to navigate to thr start of the trail. There are 2 other modes, north up and track up, I'll try those to see if it stops the auto recalculate.

Otherwise I'll have to use tracks and waypoint the start and end, like you do/

31-05-11, 10:53
Did you get to the bottom of this Berin?

I have come across the same problem - The only way I can think of to get around it, but its a pain, is to have a waypoint at the start of each off road section, as Tomcat says, and then switch the navigation mode between road, and off road at the start and finish of each route. :nenau

30-08-11, 18:16
No, I do the same as you, bit of a pain but it works.