View Full Version : Andermatt - Hotel Info Required - ASAP

27-06-04, 20:23
Can anybody recommend a good and reasonably priced Hotel in Andermatt.

We need to book one up this week.............as we're off over there at the weekend.........

Any recommendations would be greatfully received by myself and Andy Malton

27-06-04, 20:44
Try this one Johnny. Its real nice and right downtown.
Hotel Bergidyll - email andermatt.hotel.bergidyll@bluewin.ch
Tel 041 887 14 55
fax 041 887 05 05

I stayed there two years ago September. They have a garage out back where you can store your bikes.

27-06-04, 22:52
Just stayed at the Bergidyll last week, it's ok but expensive (75 swiss franks per night (single) B&B. Try the hotels at the petrol station and behind (ugly block) on the way to the Furka pass.

Business is bad there at present due to the weather.

There are also a few hotels in the village 4 km down the road out of Andermatt at the start of the Furka pass and they might be more reasonable.

The roads are in good condition but the weather was shite last week and therefore the roads were pretty quiet. Got stuck on the San Gottard in thick fog and the only close shave I had in 10 days in the Dolomites & Alps was at the bottom of the SG when a Scottish Volvo pulled straight out in front of me "SMIDSY".


28-06-04, 17:58
If youíre interested, you could try an apartment available here http://www.andermatt.ch/gotthard-homes it was very cheap and comfortable when we visited in Sept 2002, might be worth a try because all you get at a hotel over an apartment is a continental breakfast and a bigger bill. Donít get me wrong, Iím not knocking hotels, itís just that my biking buddies wonít pay to go in them :) Oh, you could try giving her a ring, she has very good English and very helpful.

You could also read my travelogue on Andermatt and the passes around there

Enjoy yourselves, itís a great place to stay!

andy malton
28-06-04, 21:19
enjoy yourselves it's a great place to stay.Oh yes we know how good it is,Grimmsel/furka/stusten how could you ever get fed up with these passes,thats why we are going back.Staying for a couple of days this time,but wanted to get something booked rather just rolling into town and start looking.Stopped above the little shell station last year right in the centre,nice four berth apartment decor was circa 1975,but immaculate price was 50 swiss francs,but no brekkie!! which was no problem as there is nice little cafe/bakery across the street.Andy