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28-10-10, 17:55
Ok stop groaning:D

There will be a raffle at the weekend.
As the weekend is a fundraiser for the air ambulance and some of you will feel deprived if there isnt one.

If anybody feels the urge to donate a prize please feel free to do so.:thumb2

Ta very much:thumb2

28-10-10, 18:27
That`s great....me likee raffles. :D

Worthy cause too,I`ll have a look about and bring something or other. :thumb2

Mr K
28-10-10, 18:29
Shall try to remember to bring some Northern ales.


28-10-10, 19:10
i will brung something :thumb

28-10-10, 19:14
Me too :bounce1

Mr K
08-11-10, 20:36
Nearly forgot...