View Full Version : LED light problem

The smudger
21-11-10, 09:37
Hi all,

On my 2004 F650 GS the rear light/brake light, which incidentally is LED, works fine when the ignition is on, but flickers when the engine is running.

I dont think i have a problem with the bike as i connected the old std lamp and all works OK.

My knowledge of LED lights is limited, i know there must be a PCB in the light to drop the voltage and smooth out alternator ripple? sounds like the 'ripple' bit is not working?

Any ideas welcome as i quite like the LED lights and would like to re-fit them.

Thanks in advance.:beerjug:

Nomad biker
21-11-10, 09:43
has your reg/rectifier gone tits, and is letting some ac thru when the engine is running,if you can find some one with an oscilloscope, this will show it up, dc should give a flat line, ac will show a wave or a pulse.the std bulb wont be affected by this and will light normally.