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23-12-10, 16:56
hey up
Numpty here
I have been using these Garmin 2610 GPS things and have been quite successful
untill recently
I have been sent a set of routes and waypoints in a Mapsorse doc
I didnt know which version they were in so I opened a 2009v copied and pasted the routes and waypoints over and sent to the GPS GPS was not happy and truncated and that was the end of them
2nd Idea was to open another file copy and paste again then reducing and altering the routes and waypoints the routes started to follow the roads etc.
sent all that ( took me ages to alter this massive set of routes waypoints) and it opens and seems to work - will not know for sure till I get to portugal I supose
Has everyone who has been set a route via mail or pulled of a post on here had to do the same or am I right in being a old numpty
waypoints seem to tranfer in any version
I have 2 of these 2610s one is on V9 one on V2009 I am trying to load the same mapset and waypoints to both -
hopefully thanks :thumb2

30-12-10, 14:03
well, maybe the doc you have been sent is just tooo biggg!
try this
open the doc containing all the routes, then open another mapsource on your pc (so you have mapsource running in 2 windows)
select 1 of the routes off the list from the source doc, select copy and then switch to the second mapsource running and paste it there.
you should then be able to save it as a single route. it should open and you should be able to view it in mapsource.
if this solves it then all you have to do is keep copying single routes over into a separate mapsource running on your pc to separate them all, then you can load them into 2610 as individual routes....

maybe the doc you were sent is just one massive route covering thousands of miles....in which case it needs splitting up into manageable (by 2610) chunks, and saving as smaller routes that you can load, daily say...

have a good trip anyway:)

30-12-10, 16:48
Thanks for the help :thumb2
I will try that -more as it happens

30-12-10, 17:25
......I have 2 of these 2610s one is on V9 one on V2009 I am trying to load the same mapset and waypoints to both -
hopefully thanks :thumb2

if your trying to load the same mapset on each then it won't matter if one is V9 the other V2009 as your loading the same maps ? what maybe causing problems is if you have the routes under v2009 and trying to load onto v9 as some roads may not be the same ?

if you want you can PM me an email and I'll have look to see if it's anything daft your doing with the routes, I don't have a 2610 but a 60csx so there about the same generation of GPS