View Full Version : Hookwoods - Good Friday. Video included.

22-04-11, 07:22
Meeting up with Lebowski and others today at Hookwoods in Surrey for a bit of a play.

Lebowski mentioned before the place was Championship standard..... looking at the video clip I can see why.

Seems there are more tame places to go as well on site, so I guess thats where I will be found :D

Video shows a bit of madness by much more proficient youngsters.



More good stuff.


Hope to have some pics tonight if I survive the day.

Monday is a Wobbler at Canada Heights, so more pics possibly, if you guys want more.

22-04-11, 07:51
We'll have you doing most of those sections by the end of the day!

:green gri


22-04-11, 07:54
We'll have you doing most of those sections by the end of the day!

:green gri


We're expecting you to manage that huge rockstep by 2pm, video your progress Grizz

The Reverend
22-04-11, 10:21
Good luck, Grizz!!

Makes you gape open mouthed on some...although there's always some over enthusiastic shouter adding little to the concentration factor. Do the pro's use bluetooth sets now? Seen them with flexy mics on helmets.

Yeah, stick the progress up on here please. It's what Hot Cross buns were made for :D

Me? I've gotta have a pub lunch with the missus :blagblah

22-04-11, 21:51
Well, it was a great day out, I was gutted to leave by 6pm, at which time there would have been another 2 hours riding left over.

I managed to drop the bike twice the whole day (could be because I was cautious enough)

HUGE FUN and Knackering beyond belief, the second time I dropped the bike, right next to Lobowski's bike was because I was plain tired.

I think that more people would take up trials if they just tried it, even 15 minutes on a level playing field is enough to hook one.

23-04-11, 19:00
Right, here I am again.
Had about 90% of this entry done last night at 11.30 when we had a power failure. So here goes again.

I nicked Nicola's car to tow the trailer yesterday as she had given me both Friday and Monday off to go out and ride with Lebowski, Steve and Pete.
They were camping with assorted dogs and wives etc, but I was going to be in bed last night.

Waiting at the services, I parked up nice and straight, the little Peugeot 1007 diesel tows beautifully.


We met up at Clackett Lane Services, had some McD's refreshments and then set off for Hook Woods, which is about 60miles or 100km from home.

When we got there I joined the club for 10 and paid my 15 day fee to ride and use the whole place all day, keep in mind I left early just before 6pm, so the other guys could have had another 2 hours riding.


Something for the more sensitive and sensible amongst us.

Bluebells were abundant in the woods and I did try to miss them wherever I could.


Hookwoods caters for pretty much every level.
I also have to say that the Porta Loo's I used were clean, so taking your lady out for the day could be considdered.

Jim, who owns the place was helpfull, and I suspect he would even have coached me if I asked. Fortunately I had both Jon and Pete to teach and encourage me.
The forst 90 minutes were spent in one area, then we had a drinking break, and off to another area where we all played according to our respective abilities.
Jon and Pete were goading each other into doing more and more complex sections, with the girls pannicking at times. (well, they were making the right concerned sounds)

Chris was waiting for his wife to get there on her Honda TransAlp, and had to look after rescue dog Delilah the Rottweiler. So I gave him the camera to just do a happy snapper session while walking about.






Pete and Jon both have an innate ability to identify where you are screwing up or missing a trick, and were on hand often to guide me.
As the afternoon progressed I did feel more and more confident.


Jon at this point was offering to stand against the tree, in case I overshot, which he said would not happen, with the back wheel flipping the raised front wheel down when over the treestumps.



How it should be done...... Pete getting it up.



Delilah, what a nice dog.


Got home at 19.15 and by 19.45 I had a hot bath, followed by a lovely dinner.

Sunset was great too.


Looking forward to Monday's Wobbler at Canada Heights.

I trust that Jon will add some pics that his missus took of the mad stuff they were doing.