View Full Version : Length of fork legs.

Deleted account 111026
16-07-11, 17:07
Can anyone with a Funduro take a measurement for me please?
I'd like to know the distance between the centre of the front wheel spindle to the top of the fork leg, (with the bike on the centre stand), please.
TIA. :beerjug:

Deleted account 111026
18-07-11, 18:46
Could anyone take the measurement from an F650GS, please?

Deleted account 111026
22-07-11, 09:22
Thanks for making an effort everyone, much appreciated. :1/10

19-10-11, 09:30
if you still want the measurement of the funduro fork leg pm me,id post now but the bike is at home,and ill forget:thumb

30-10-11, 12:49
hi mate
my bike is a 05 twin spark dakar do not think they are the same as a std f 650 gs. how ever if it helps you just let me know & i will gladly let measure them for.
best regards Ronnie :thumb2