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05-08-11, 20:04
Thanks again to Jon "Lebowski"...... it seems I am thanking him a lot lately.

More details in a moment.

Since Tom has has shown what seems to be more than a passing interest in the Trials bike at home, riding my Scorpa a few times (Possibly because he will be 16 in October and wants to get onto a 50cc for school and general scooting about)

What's in the garage: Madass 50cc


After his first 15 minutes riding this was him.


Next day by the 45 minute mark, more confident, but still cautious.


At the weekend out at Hookwoods he had an objective to ride over a small log or stick which he did not reach after this little happening at the end of the day..... though the rest of the day was great and he was a bit knackered at that point from running around in the woods taking loads of photographs.



Learning about spotting for madness.



Jon "Lebowski" offered me his spare 2001 Beta Rev-3 250cc trials bike a few months ago, should I want to teach Tom to ride, as I had mentioned I was planning to let him ride my Scorpa.
At first I refused as I was happy to let Tom play on my bike and get to know the basics with the Scorpa and break it if needed.
However, since he seems to have more than a passing interest in riding, and Pete has loaned him a Helmet and Boots, and I got him some gloves all af which fit comfortably, I asked Jon last week if the offer still stood...... of course, and fortunately it did.

So today we went down to Whitstable harbour for a coffee and then collected the Beta and brought it back here.

Tom knew we were fetching the bike and being school holidays, would normaly be on the X-Box/Internet/Online Gaming etc in his dungeon (Bedroom)
When we got back, he was straight out and helped with the unloading, stroking the bike and asking loads of questions.


Jon went through the basics with him again and set him loose. First thing to mention is that the Beta is fitted with a regular throttle, rather than the "fast throttle" fitted to the Scorpa, so he seemed to take to it better.
The other thing, for Tom being lefthanded etc, is the kickstarter is on the wrong side.


A few loops up and down the lawn later, I suggested he go up to the side of the house and loop back and then onto the deck and come down the two steps onto the lawn (most wives should look away at this point, I know thats as bad as boots on the kitchen table)
I saw the instant look of panic on his face, but then told him to practice just rolling off the deck without the engine running, which worked perfectly and surprised him.... the grin was worth the effort.

Next up was doing it with the engine running, easy peasy.

I also pulled a railway sleeper onto the lawn, to give him the opportunity to ride over the log he wanted to do over the weekend.
His face and words were a perfect reward for me : "It was soooo easy, I thought it would be real difficult"

I did not get to do a decent video, but in it you will hear his mum and sister cheering when they saw him go down the 3rd time, so at least the support group is growing.

Logjamming !!!!


Lastly, the video.

http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm90/niknakpix/bicycles/th_P1020347.jpg (http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm90/niknakpix/bicycles/?action=view&current=P1020347.mp4)

Now we just ned time and space to let Tom rideand practice to get up to speed.

I will register him under the adults fo his ACU competition license after ctober, then he can come out to play with the grown ups.

05-08-11, 20:11

The Reverend
05-08-11, 22:41
Heartwarming stuff, Grizz. Good for you.

Both of mine have discovered the two wheeled bug through their teenage years & I've managed to encourage them both through their tests.

Son The Elder started on a Madass (to which we fitted a 70cc big bore kit, larger carb & a Takegawa Bomber exhaust all for pocket money via Monkey Bike UK). This was followed by a CB250, SV650 and a 750 Kawasaki racey thing. He's been down to Spain & Austria with me & rides very sensibly (with his dad..). He's discovered girls and VW's now :blast

Son The Younger (who's a natural on my 4RT!) started with a Peugeot Speedfight, Honda XLR125 and is currently on his second CB500 having been twatted off the first by a young man that went to court for the collar bone breaking crash.

As a dad I worry. As a fellow rider & enthusiast I've had (and hopefully still will have) so golden family moments.

Either way, that gleam in his eyes will mirror yours all those years ago. :thumb2

06-08-11, 11:15
Great post and pics.:)

I started riding trials bikes aged 14 and it taught me the basics of machine control. Both my sons have learned to ride off-road and I firmly believe it gives them an edge on the road.

07-08-11, 08:00
Thanks guys,

Now I just want to get him to become a pest to a point where I have to keep him off the bike, rather than yesterdays excuse of "I need a rest day "

I hope it will do all the good stuff we know it can do for him.

18-08-11, 21:58
In other good news, Tom came home from 10 days holiday in Malta tonight, and one of the first things he asked about when he came into the house, was how "his" Beta trials bike was.
To me that is great news.
He also asked when we were riding again, which is Saturday over in Watford area at Berkhamsted. Told him he could probably not ride, to which he responded no problem, he still wanted to come. Surprises indeed.
In the mean time I have just completed club membership application, and they allow family members under 18 free membership. So it looks like he will be riding.

Even better news is that Nicola told me to start looking out for a 2/3 bike trailer, so that we can move 2 bikes and get Tom out more.... WooHooo !! Result !!

Today's progress with the garage was actually good.
I also went to B&Q Hardware with Jon's VW van to fetch some more 25mm plywood for the wall above the workbenches, to fit tools etc.


What it looked like tonight when I finished up.


I will continue to sort out stuff tomorrow and to try create some more order.
I also want to add some more shelves on the wall.

(RIP) DitchWater
18-08-11, 23:39
There's room for a lathe in there.

Why so many clamps, and do I see a B&Q drill and hole cutter set, with assorted 1/4" bits on the shelf? Very good for the money when on sale. :thumb

Good luck at the weekend.

19-08-11, 05:49
There's room for a lathe in there.

Why so many clamps, and do I see a B&Q drill and hole cutter set, with assorted 1/4" bits on the shelf? Very good for the money when on sale. :thumb

Good luck at the weekend.

Clamps.... well now, a man can never have enough clamps. The smaller ones are usually free in multi buy packs but I can't just toss them, and the wife sometimes uses them :D
I used to have about 12 long steel ones that could cover up to 1.2m to make a table top but gave them and the lathe away when I moved to the UK.
There are all sorts of tools, many will be bought for a purpose, but ften I combine function with price at sales.
Nicola has told me to build/have built a 10x10 foot block built woodwork room/shed to replace the Wendy house out back.
1/4" bits are all Freebies left by the previous owner along with a load of other tools etc :thumb2

Thanks for the good wishes, I really want him to like and get to love the trials riding.
It will be good for him and for me.

19-08-11, 20:16
Well, today was one of those days. I was meant to be preparing a presentation about something I know nothing of, for a job interview on Monday..... by 3pm I gave up and went to the garage to look for a decent place to hang myself from.... could not find a beam to hold my lard ass, so proceeded with the cleanup and sorting out of the garage, came out at 8pm, having popped in for dinner inbetween.

I am really pleased as my small high level storage bottles are off the plank they used to hang from, onto a new longer one that I found in the skip while helping a friend load his van.
I have also managed to sort out all the screws, nails etc, and most importantly, I changed my Carboard storage box - toolbox and put stuff into the real toolbox I was given for fathers day by Tom and Hannah (certainly their mothers idea)

Looking form the rear, I stil need to mount the mini drill press and also the bench grinder and another vice onto the big table, I do have a vice on the welding table, but sometimes its not the right place to work.


Looking into the garage, the left hand wall is now about 85% done. Next up the rear, centre and then the right hand wall, which hides a multitude of sins.


Sorry about the picture quality or lack thereof, the dust really gets picked up by the camera.