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23-08-11, 14:19
This will be really obvious - to one of you :augie

Waypoint memory is full

I seem to have filled me streetpilot 3 with waypoints and it won't accept any more. How the &$* do I clear them from unit and reinstall those I want...including some waypoints and routes for Morocco that I would really like on pretty quickly.Will try a search here again now I have message - but can find *%$ all in manuals.

Ta :thumb

23-08-11, 14:22
found it :D

Delete all waypoints is Find, Waypoints, Menu, Delete All

I don't know if recent finds add to the total number allowed, but you can clear this list as well with Find, Recent Finds, Menu, Delete All Finds

Quite often you can follow the menus through until you think you can get no futher, but then another non-intuitive press of the Menu button brings up a whole new set of options.


Why the FUCK is it so buried :mad:

23-08-11, 14:23
PS thanks again UKSGer :kissy2