View Full Version : I have a set

13-02-12, 00:04
Of new never used panniers for a soft tail, bit dusty but in a1 condition. Leather with grp inners. Plus the fitting kit.
Make me an offer:D oh and a pair of soft tail footboards.

David Nimrod
13-02-12, 10:43
Photos would certainly help :thumb2

13-02-12, 12:48
As would putting it in the "For Sale" section........ :blast

David Nimrod
13-02-12, 12:49
With a Price! :D :thumb2

David Nimrod
13-02-12, 12:50
(We're unfailingly polite in the Harley Section...)

13-02-12, 13:22
Bollox, feck off :dabone