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09-04-12, 18:10
I put a few miles round Worcestershire on the Glide today and I have to say the handling has been transformed. I have made two major changes so far and they have really worked.

Change one was to junk the crappy HD white walls for the new Avon Cobras. By all accounts they are still sensitive to tyre pressure (check the Avon site as they need much higher pressures than you'd think).

Change two was to fit a Progressive Suspension Touring Link (http://www.progressivesuspension.com/tourlink/index.html). This kit ties the gear box to the frame, an omission of such glaring stupidity only HD could have made it! The swing arm hangs off the gearbox, which is rubber mounted through the engine. Consequently as soon as your engine mounts start to wear a bit you get a hinge in the middle of the bike :blast

It's no R1 now but it doesn't try to kill me every time I cross a white line and I look forward to corners again! :cool:

The smudger
09-04-12, 18:57
Where's the fun in that!

I quite like that floating feeling, it add's to the riding experience....:eek:

If i'd wanted an R1......:augie:D:D

09-04-12, 19:46
Like I said, there's fun and then there's the feeling the bike is trying to kill you :P

09-04-12, 21:23
What age is your 'glide? And how difficult was it to fit the progressive touring links?

10-04-12, 08:21
My glide is a 2005 Ultra with 38k on the clock. Age and mileage will soften the engine mounts :rob

Allegedly it's an easy job to do with the back wheel in place. In the video I notice there are no panniers and crash bars on the bike and it is spotlessly clean. In addition all the bolts will have been slackened off in advance. Mine was a lot tougher to do but I had the bike on the ramp and the back wheel out for new tyres so the exhaust and panniers were off as well ;)

This is Progressive's own video:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ceesvy4zUXo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

10-04-12, 10:50
mine has 140,000k's on it so i'd better get on with it :rob

10-04-12, 12:01
Mutley, have you noticed any increase in vibration with it fitted?

10-04-12, 12:15
No, not at all. You shouldn't do either as the engine remains rubber mounted :thumb2

06-05-12, 20:35
Well the tyres are nicely scrubbed in now and, with some dry roads this weekend, I have done some damage to the footboards :green gri

Next thing to look at will be progressive suspension :bounce1

06-05-12, 23:34
Well the tyres are nicely scrubbed in now and, with some dry roads this weekend, I have done some damage to the footboards

hardly difficult to do even with everything lifted up, lets face it.