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SE Rider
13-05-12, 20:06
Right, the rot has clearly set in now as I'm starting to look at mods for the Bob..

Initial thoughts are:

14" wild 1 Chubby Outlaw apes
Vance & Hines Big Radius pipes
Smaller Air cleaner
forward controls

Anyone know the best place in the UK to buy some of these items without going to a HD stealer?


14-05-12, 08:39
Internet searching is your friend ;)

Most well known custom stuff seems to be pretty consistently priced in the U.K. these days. I find bargains in the States on a regular basis, but you have to factor in duty and delivery to get it back (unless you go to the U.S. on holiday :cool: )

If you've got the cash to do it all in one go then your local independent custom shop will probably negotiate :rob

SE Rider
14-05-12, 18:02
Good advice!!

Cheers Mutters:thumb2

Alex B
14-05-12, 18:56
Don't worry .... this is entirely normal ! I've had that bug since 2008 when I bought my Bob.

Yes, would agree worth looking at US sites and at importers in the UK. V Twin Customs and other suppliers I found on the internet have been good. Also talk to non-franchised Harley places; they can often supply stuff at below HD dealer prices. Just be clear in explaining what you're after.

Looking forward to seeing the results !


21-05-12, 08:10
Jersey HD do the entire official aftermarket range VAT free. The best thing to do is check their prices then ask your local dealer to price match :green gri

David Nimrod
21-05-12, 08:23
wild 1 Chubby Outlaw

You couldn't make it up... :augie