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09-11-04, 09:55
I've got a weekend to kill in SA coming up, and to save me from being stuck in a hotel, or visiting the ex-pats from work, I'm toying with hiring a bike and disappearing for a couple of days.

Can any of the resident SAGSers suggest somewhere to go on a rental from saturday morn. to sunday night. It's likely to be the 4-5th Dec. I could also fly a few days early etc. if I get approval from the missus etc.

10-11-04, 13:16
You would want to go to <a href="http://www.mpumalanga.com/home/home.asp">Mpumalanga</a> as you will find stunning scenery away from the noise and shite of the city. About 2,5 hours drive by bike out on the N12 east. Places like Hazyview, Sabie, Pilgrims Rest and God's Window should keep you busy.

I think <a href="http://www.bmw-motorrad.co.za/default.html">BMW Motorad South-Africa</a> would be able to hire you a bike or point you to someone where you can if you contact them. I will also make some enquiries.


12-11-04, 10:33
Cheers Mav.

There's a place in Sandton: MotoBerlin (http://www.motoberlin.co.za/) that do rentals. Sounds like it'd cost me a couple of thousand rand for the weekend. (whats that about a fiver?).

I'll readup on the place your pointing me at and pm you if I need to.


13-11-04, 00:59
Alfie is one of the PAris Dakar greats and runs an adventure touring company in SA. Here is his web site. He does some 2 day tours with bike hire.


Have Fun