View Full Version : Mixing up Tourance and Tourance EXP

Flying banana
06-11-12, 15:06
Anyone out there used an EXP front with a standard Tourance on the rear?

I need to replace the front fairly shortly, but the rear still has plenty of life left in it. However, the place I would go to can only get hold of the EXP version, which i am aware is a newer design with a softer compound, I believe.

In order to get a standard Tourance, I would have to go elsewhere which i might end up doing, but in the interests of research, I just wondered if anyone has run tyres as above, and if so, did it work?


06-11-12, 15:10
I did with no trouble at all

06-11-12, 15:15
me too :thumb2

Flying banana
06-11-12, 20:09
Ta muchly. I tihnk I will try one and see how we get on.