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18-11-04, 01:21
Team UKGser would like to thank all those who have donated anything to the Plymouth Dakar challenge.....

We've already got loads of sponsor company stickers on the landy, but it'd be nice to have some more personal ones on too.

So if you've already sponsored via one of the links on the challenge site (see my sig line if you're having trouble:rolleyes: ) or you'd like to sponsor, please feel free to send me the URL of your avatar (so I can print it out on sticky paper a bit bigger) and we'll give you a spot of your own on the big green beasty.

If your company would like to help as well, please feel free to encourage them as much as possible...we're a long way short of our targets and time's rushing on, and every penny counts!

As we've said before, any personal donations (ie from you guys'n'gals) will go direct to the charities, and corporate sponsorship will go first to cover the costs of the landy that will be donated (probably to a group of midwives we've been put in contact with in the area around Banjul) and then all the excess to the charities.

I'd really like to have a panel full of UKGSer avatars (and a bunch from Advrider too as some of them have sponsored as well :thumb)....so get sending them and we'll make it happen :D



18-11-04, 01:28
If it helps get your companies interested, we're expecting plenty more public exposure (oooer)...we've already had a multi-page spread in landrover monthly, several trade magazines and the IAM mag.......we might well get onto regional TV soon, and there is a documentary being made on the trip too...Slimbo and I gave an interview at the launch party in July ('bakerman is a tosser' placards proudly propped up on our ADV's ;) ) and if you remember last year's there was a four (maybe six? can't remember) part documentary on the box too...so we'll get as much exposure as we possibly can for your company.

Even a 50 quid donation will go a long way........and don't forget other stuff like boxes of pens, baby clothes (there's a lady in Banjul who is awaiting our arrival in Jan to distribute lots of clothes through some orphanages she helps run) and anything else that may be of use....SLimbo's managed to blag a set of football strips for example, which we're going to give to a school or orphanage down there.

Many thanks

Team UKGSer (5312)