View Full Version : Aqueduct Classics trial, Sunday 10th March

05-03-13, 19:14
The second round of The Aqueduct Classics club championship trial, this Sunday 10th of March. A new venue for the club, reputed to have some excellent sections, near Froncyslyllte, North Wales. Signposted from the A5/ A483 (McDonalds) roundabout. Spectators entry is free, there are excellent catering facilities, starts at 11.00am and finished by approx 2.00pm.
Just the thing to take your Mum out for a treat this Mother's Day! :D

05-03-13, 19:22
See you there...one sugar please:thumb

(RIP) DitchWater
05-03-13, 19:56
More orienteering! At least I've started to notice the roadside flags so I should be there nearer the start time.

No sugar Thank You, and very strong. :thumb2