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27-04-13, 23:16
Hello, I'm in the process of tring to decide what bike to get next and the G650GS is a possible. I want something that will be good for a blast round B roads and country lanes, occasional easy green lanes, possible commuting and also be capable of longer trips away.

I'd prefer something lighter and lower than the usual suspects such as Tigers, Transalps, etc so the 650GS seems to fit the bill there. I'm just wondering if on longer trips it might be a bit underpowered. The frugallity of 70mpg sounds good, as does the price, ABS and decent spec but I wonder if it will be happy sitting at 75-80mph for long periods?

I'm looking at getting either a brand new one or one with low miles and less than a year old. Is there anything I should look out for? Problems? Warranty issues etc?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice about these bikes.


28-04-13, 06:17
First of all welcome to the site .... you're amongst friends now :thumb2

The G650GS is a cracking 'bike and would appear to be jut what you want, go test ride one to be sure. The engine is much smoother than the old F60GS (different mapping)

As for long trips? These bikes have loads of Touratech and BMW bits to make overlanding a pleasure and not just a possibility :thumb2

Girlfriend Sue and myself rode a pair of F650GS's overland through Russia, Sibera, Mongolia, Gobi Desert to China and returned via all the Stans' :thumb2 We were both nudging sixty at the time, 30,000 miles, six months, no punctures, so the bike is well capable :rob

Buy one and gooooooooooooooooooo


28-04-13, 07:55
i agree, so smooth i couldnt believe it was a single in comparison to my old tenere. i also had an r1200gsa and found i was riding at the same speed on trips regardless because im a tight bugger and wanted to get good economy

28-04-13, 07:58
i agree, so smooth i couldnt believe it was a single in comparison to my old tenere. i also had an r1200gsa and found i was riding at the same speed on trips regardless because im a tight bugger and wanted to get good economy

Is the build quality of the new ones, as good?

Paint seems to be getting thinner as the years go on:blast

28-04-13, 08:12
Is the build quality of the new ones, as good?

Paint seems to be getting thinner as the years go on:blast

well mine is still on the new side so time will tell, it feels just a solid and robust as a f650gs dakar i used to ride. im not sure it feels as robust as the f800gs or r1200 though. touch wood, had absolutely no problems with mine yet.

28-04-13, 09:03
Thanks for the replies, does sound like it could be the bike I'm after. I'm testing one out this week - with an F700GS straight after.

I was wondering about the build quality and the one I looked at did seem a bit budget in places. But then again so did the new 700 which is supposed to be a proper factory BMW.

One thing I noticed last night when looking at them on't net, was that I saw a G650GS with spoked wheels. Not a Sertao, a normal one. Do they do them or must it have been modified?

Don't laugh but one of the bikes I am considering (but not seen in the flesh) is the new Honda CB500X. I rode the R version last week and thought it was pretty good considering it's size and price. Obviously compared to the BMW the Honda is never going to be a true 'Adventure' bike and it's off road cpability will be not much better than a sports bike! I'll have to see what I think when I've tested both.

I've been offered a good deal on a new Tiger 800 and obviously that would be a really capable bike. But I'm not sure I want something so big and numb. I'm coming from a Transalp 700 which seemed small compared to a Tiger.

Anyway, I'll let people know what I think about the 650 in a few days.


28-04-13, 09:09
Welcome :thumby:

I really liked the G650GS, a pretty little thing, real fun and a delight to ride.

However at the time (a year or so ago) there were reported hot start issues and it all seemed to be very hit and miss with the resolution. I'm not sure if it still persists. Had it not been for that I would have bought one.
There are owners on here who hopefully can give you the latest and if it still is an issue.


28-04-13, 09:58
Yes, I've heard about the hot start thing. Seems to be a known problem that BMW sort under warranty. Hopefully they will have resolved it on new ones!!

28-04-13, 12:30
Yes, I've heard about the hot start thing. Seems to be a known problem that BMW sort under warranty. Hopefully they will have resolved it on new ones!!

I believe after a certain build date it comes sorted.

Farmer Palmer
28-04-13, 12:49
Check out www.F650.co.uk for extra information regarding the G650GS/Sertao and the hot starting thread and the cure is a good read!:thumb2

I really like the G650GS, cheap as chips, tough as nails and sips petrol


03-05-13, 20:57
Well, been and tested the G650GS and F700GS. I liked them both!!

650 is perhaps a little underpowered for what I want but apart from that its a really nice bike. Seemed happy to sit at 80mph though the 5 speed box seems a bit under geared. Nice for back lanes and I'm sure it would be good off road. It's almost like a big, well equipped enduro bike, reminds me of my XR250. By the way it was the Sertao model as they didn't have a normal one. Would be too high for me but I'm sure the standard one would be just right.

Tried the 700 next and instantly noticed the higher gearing. 1st seemed really high compared to anything else I've tried. Plus it's one of the few bikes I've ridden that seemed to have overall high gearing, I even found myself forgetting to go into 6th. Most bikes I ride I spend half the time looking for another gear. Once I'd got used to the high 1st gear and realised it would trickle along on tickover I was a bit happier. Power and torque is great and really smooth, no worries there. Build quality seems a bit below par in some areas but that seems the way now. Noticed a bit of corrosion on the discs which is a bit bad on a bike with a couple of hundred miles on the clock. I think it sits outside most of the time and has been used in winter so maybe a cared for bike might fare better. The comfort seat fitted was awful, looked horrendous and didn't allow for any movement of position. Standard one for me! The windscreen is laughable, you can tell they want you to spend another 150 on one that might actually do something.
All in all I liked it and I'm seriously thinking it might be the bike for me, just not sure if all the extras I'd need would make it too expensive. Screen, centre stand, computer, heated grips etc would add another 500. That takes it to 8100. To compare I can get a Tiger 800 with all those extras and topbox for 1000 less. Non ABS though.

So I'm off to try the Tiger tomorrow, I've tried one before when they first came out but now I've got something to compare it too. I'll be back with my thoughts on it!!


grin factor
10-05-13, 19:57
Be interested in your views/thoughts on the Tiger as I'm in a similar position as you looking for a bike.

10-05-13, 20:19
The Tiger is a good bike. Just not sure its for me. The equipment, quality and power is all good but I've got a massive problem with the gearing. 1st gear is just about low enough for some off road stuff but 6th is way too low. Even at 50mph you feel like you want to change up to 7th. I think it's because it's got a lot of power all through the rev range and a very close ratio box. There is nothing you could do either because raising the gearing for the top end would make it too high geared in 1st. The gears are just too close together.

Maybe it's just me but it seems a sports bike engine isn't the way to go for a 'Adventure' bike.

My other issues are none too brilliant fuel economy and the horrible welded on rear footrest hangers. The RH one is ok as it has to stick out so far to clear the massive exhaust. But the one on the left just sticks out like an afterthought!

But all in all its a very good bike and probably the best bike for most people out of the ones I'm considering (TA700, F700GS, G650GS, Aprilia Pegaso). I just don't think I could live with that sports bike engine and gearbox.

10-05-13, 23:22
The screen is so noisy that I found it was best to remove it all together. Sounded like a helicopter coming in to land on my head at anything over 30mph.

There is no front mudguard so you ride through lots of crap off the front wheel.

The brakes are totally inadequate at higher speeds.

The bike is under geared and revs up to the rev limiter in top gear on the flat.

The hot start issue was a pain but was sorted by the dealer.

Good lights and economical. http://www.fuelly.com/driver/taj/g650gs-sertao

grin factor
11-05-13, 21:03
Thanks for that John, may give it a miss then.

12-05-13, 18:13
Also check out the Husquarna 650. Same engine, but a little more power I believe. (58 hp) Looks like they have taken the good old F/G650GS and improved it some.


24-08-13, 14:49
I did have one for just over a year hot start was sorted out then dealer had to replace the oil seal on the water pump. Then the speed sensor on the crank decided to register any revs it liked affecting the rev counter which kept cutting the engine out. Did some touring with panniers, topbox and tank bag very cramped.
Now got a F700GS with topbox and panniers lot better for touring and use it in all weathers. Lot better overall than the G650GS.

Farmer Palmer
24-08-13, 16:39
Well i'm very happy with my new G650GS Sertao.........At just under 6k for a new bike with ABS, heated grips, a larger touring screen, a bashplate and no hot start issue i'm not complaining!:thumb

How much was the new F700GS? They look really nice!:thumb