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16-12-04, 16:55
tony and me spent the last two days putting the last important touches to the landy..
well if it aint done now it better not need doing..

yesterday sorted the carpet in the back for warmth and comfort.
and other niggling little jobs .
today we changed all the oils in the engine , diffs tranfer box, gearbox, swivel hubs...
thats hard work .. but its now sorted just cosmetics and its ready to rumble..
so for the moment a big thanks to all who have dun stuff for us and sent stuff or just donated. i really hope we make a difference ..
the landy never looked so good or sounded so good either...
so its got a fighting chance of making the journey in one piece..

hope to see as many folks as poss on the 28th ..


16-12-04, 16:59

Just be talking to a friend & discovered he's doing the Plymouth/Daker run - but in Feb? He's got a Saab 900 (which is being 'improved' by another friend).

Are there any pics of your Landy?

16-12-04, 19:15
There are four groups going Ralphy.....the first leaves tommorrow (17th), the next on boxing day, we're in group 3 leaving on the 28th and group 4 is an overflow group that leaves in late feb.

We were really chuffed to get that departure group.....boxing day would cause mucho problemos with families and christmas etc, but the 28th is perfect as it hits the dead spot inbetween xmas and new year, which we get to spend in Gib having a party with the rest of group 3.

Yea, there are pics of the landy on the ukgserchallenge web site (click the link from the front page of the forum).

I'd post a few but it doesn't appear to be responding right now.