View Full Version : F650gs ...HELP required ??? Dodgey starter

01-07-13, 22:56
Hi , I'm new here nd have posted on the new members area !! Anyhow .. I've recently bought a w reg f650gs single .. 20k two owners ... On the way back home it broke down .. Managed to van it home !! In three weeks I've changed the coil nd ht lead
It then started 1st time .. Got to working temp nd then stopped nd wouldn't start .... Then charged it ... Started 1st time .. Them stopped nd wouldn't start ... Noticed a crack in starter motor .. Replaced .. Started 1st time .. Then stopped nd wouldn't start ..more research nd sourced a 2nd hand ignition pick up coil .. Nd brand new sprag starter clutch ... Also another starter motor .. It's all back nd torqued up nd just waiting on a gasket !! Is there anything else I need to be aware of .. Before I attempt to fire it up ??? Any suggestions welcome ?? Regards turbo

04-07-13, 19:46
Well I took a leap of faith !! Nd fired her up ;) ... Started first time !! Nd first time since the repair ;D
Mega chuffed ... However .. Wouldn't want anyone to go through the same issues .... I was lucky as it only cost me my own time .. Nd 1 xtra starter motor at a cost of 90 . ;( .. Unlucky ... So I replaced coil / ht lead / plug / ignition pick up / sprag clutch / the bike now sounds nd feels like a new one .. Happy days