View Full Version : G650x G650gs petrol caps

04-07-13, 08:26
The GX has a really crap filler cap. There, I said it. It's horrible, a twist to lock thing that comes off and is opened by a key that's as robust as a political promise.
Looking underneath it's a pretty standard 6 bolt circle, the same as the G650 (I hate calling it that, the singles should have stayed F650). Does anyone know if they're interchangable so I can appreciate the joy of a decent aircraft style filler cap instead of this horrible lump of cheap crap with half a broken key still stuck in it?
Failing that, can anyone measure the distance between the bolts, across the center and from any one to the next one, just to be sure. My guess is it'll fit but I can't help thinking that if it does then why did the GX have such a terrible cap design? Perhaps that's an enduro benefit to having a removable cap? Can someone enlighten me?