View Full Version : Off from Swansea

28-12-04, 17:27
Met up with Fannum, Slimbo & Tony at Swansea this afternoon, along with quite a few of the wales posse. They should be nearing Portsmouth by now I would guess.......looks like the weather is going to stay fine for the send off party:beerjug:

Bob Jeffries
28-12-04, 18:12
There's an engine in there somewhere - I hope!

Bob Jeffries
28-12-04, 18:13
The "Tosser" salute

Bob Jeffries
28-12-04, 18:16
Embarrasing moment No. 1 - the AA truck's lift isn't powerful enough to load the Landy - a little help with the pushing was needed.

2 wheel humvee
28-12-04, 19:09
Brrrrrr it was brass monkeys :yikes but lots turned up to wave the intrepid travellers off

2 wheel humvee
28-12-04, 19:11
Another pic............

2 wheel humvee
28-12-04, 19:21
a few turned up with their GS' :eek:
there was a member of the local press there too ;)