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18-10-13, 09:27
Well as others seem to be beavering away on simple and easy projects, I will introduce my extremely complicated and expensive mini restoration, well not a restoration, more get working and be mechanically sound, as I like the patina :eek:

http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn208/hrhpenfold/100_0931_zps2d6b4cf7.jpg (http://s305.photobucket.com/user/hrhpenfold/media/100_0931_zps2d6b4cf7.jpg.html) :thumb2

jonnie comet
18-10-13, 17:49
It needs a flywheel stator thingy.....:thumb

Who needs feckin Steptoe eh?.....:D

18-10-13, 18:05
Make sure someone is around to help you get it onto that ramp. :thumb2

12-11-13, 20:01
It's all in little bits,
Engine apart, new bearings and seals, from alpins of Bristol, but putting it together, there is to much play in the crank, ordered some shims, but there was none originally,
Still needs new brake and decompression cables and the pedal cranks are different lengths, but I can sort that out later, onwards and upwards!

The good news is that the wiring is simple:thumb2

12-11-13, 22:47
The dual seat looks nice and comfortable!

13-11-13, 10:51
I have a brand new HT coil for a fold up Mobylette in the shed. (long story:D )
I think it's the same engine?
No use to me / P.M. me an address and i'll stick it in the post if you want. :nenau

07-02-17, 22:43
I had a single seat Mobylette :)

The LH threaded Stator cover was a real leap of faith !! Especially if it was a bit seized .

Scared the crap out of me, when it gave with some speed lol


23-03-17, 20:21
I had a " sports special " as a 16 yr old in 1976.
I originally bought a puch maxi but was too slow & never did the 2 hills I had to travel up /down as an apprentice chef.
So upgraded to a 1975 sports special, much better in every way, but looking back could they if made it any uglier.
Very reliable, I sold to an old gent who lived a few doors down from my home & he had for years.....

01-04-17, 09:06
we are all at it:rolleyes: