View Full Version : Surrey trials

22-12-13, 08:59
Do any of you guys know where I can go to practice in the Cambeley, Surrey area.

The Nutty KTMer
22-12-13, 09:06
The TRF have an agreement with the owner of the land opposite Dettingden Park in Deepcut (it may be the Army, but I'm not sure now, as they're selling land round here), and also the test track at the top of Red Road has regular events.:thumb

22-12-13, 11:26
I did an off-road course last weekend organised by the Surrey TRF. It was held at Headley Park Farm near Tadworth. They have set up an area with a bit of everything including dirty great jump ramps for if you are suitably inclined, (suicidal) also big logs/tyres etc for more trials type stuff. You can use the place for 15 per day. You just need to phone first to make sure it's ok. If you want the number PM me. No noisy pipes there I think as it is a horsey place and it frightens them.