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23-01-14, 21:08
Sick to death of constantly having my TT aluminium 'protection' parts reformed due to bending, or welded up due to fracturing I asked Mark Hooton if he could come up with alternatives. The main criteria for me were that they couldn't add a huge amount of weight and that they were substantial enough to not bend or fracture at the merest sight of a small rock.

The first parts he's prototyped are a pair of radiator guards, a chain guard and a wheel sensor guard. These are in stainless steel so won't fracture or bend as readily as aluminium alternatives and don't add any appreciable weight.

What Mark needs now are your comments and suggestions on what he can do to improve them and any other parts you would like made.

Please post on this thread and I'm sure Mark will be along to answer any questions you may have. :thumb2

Apologies as my pictures are crap due to being taken in the dark, in my shed. :D. The wheel sensor guard has a BMW logo etched into it which hasn't shown up on the photo. I'll drag it out at the weekend and get some in the daylight to post up and holy crap I hadn't realised how rusty the old girl is! :eek:

A big public thanks from me to Mark for his work so far. He's not asked for anything from me other than dimensions etc to make these parts up.

Over to you guys.

Radiator guards



Chain guard



Wheel sensor guard


23-01-14, 22:22
To be honest I think the plastic chain guard is more robust.

23-01-14, 22:52
To be honest I think the plastic chain guard is more robust.

Me too

Just fit a Sertao one to your Dakar

24-01-14, 23:18



just my take;lower outer edge of rad guard is radiused outwards,it will dig in and cause more damage than if it were not there.it wants the edge chamfering the other way