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19-03-14, 19:41

I have just bought a 2012 G650GS for my wife. It is a surprise birthday present that she doesn't know about.

My decision was partly based on trying a low suspension F650gs (which she found 'too revvy').
The height of the F650 was great. She could get both feet flat on the floor. She is 5'4"

The G650gs - with lowered suspension & lowered seat - has a seat height of 765mm (which is slightly lower than the
F650gs which she tried). So I thought that would be great BUT it does seem taller. My daughter (5' 6") can only just get her feet flat.

My guess is that the seat is wider on the GS650 thus reducing the ability to get both feet down.

1. Is there an alternative (narrower?) seat that can be bought? If so, where?
2. Anybody else had a similar experience and can advise?

She is back on Saturday and if the bike is too tall I would like to be able to offer a solution.
All advice / knowledge / experience gratefully received.


20-03-14, 08:03
Drop the forks through the yokes 10 to 20mm and wind off the preload on the shock? If its already a low model I guess the forks may already have been done. You could get more taken out of the seat but I wouldn't think there's much padding left as it is.

20-03-14, 12:11
Shame you didn't try out a G650 before you purchased one! Whether you can touch the floor or not depends on inside leg rather than height :blast
So your wife may not have any problems :)
I'm sure a seat upholsterer could thin it out but I'd recommend getting a gel pad put in if you shave more off it :)

24-03-14, 11:31
Thanks for the advice, particularly about the pre-load. Winding it out to (almost) max dropped the bike enough.
She can get feet on the floor almost flat.
She will be able to get some miles and confidence and then wind preload in.

24-03-14, 19:58
Thanks for the advice, particularly about the pre-load. Winding it out to (almost) max dropped the bike enough.
She can get feet on the floor almost flat.
She will be able to get some miles and confidence and then wind preload in.

Please consider technique before you start panicking and spending money. I have owned bikes for over 45 years am at the ripe old age of 63 (on my 5th 1200 Adventure) and have only just wised up to this one (which has been mentioned elsewhere).

Try not be be too obsessed with getting both feet on the floor. A combination of two wheels and two feet struggling to reach the ground is an unstable combination, it's more wobbly than you would imagine. Far better is to hold the bike at rest on two tyres and one foot firmly down. That make a solid triangle of support and is a cracker of a solution to tall and heavy bikes.

Forget the "Hendon Shuffle" my preference is always to have right foot down, held on the front brake, in neutral with the left foot covering the gear lever. Lights change, into gear and off we go :-).

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it :-)

Enjoy :-)

02-04-14, 02:01
I really do wish people would stop harping on about "you don't need two feet on the ground" I personally use one foot ( 5 foot 8 ) my wife is 5 foot 4..
Now, there are not many bikes that cater for the smaller woman that isn't too intimidating for the " people that don't like to use the throttle"..
As mad accountant said, ( in a funny way) It is all about experience, BUT...BUT...BUT... If she doesn't feel "good" on the bike to start with then she will be reluctant to ride it and learn and get a feel for it ... So this leads to your problem...
1.. push the front forks down by 20 mm.
2..reduce the rear ride height by reducing the dampener .
3..Get a cobbler (shoe person) to put another soul and heel on her boots (20mm) raise
4..Get a seat person to shave the side of the seat to zero ( ya just don't need it )
5..buy a shorter spring (not full shock) for the rear.
OR just tell her that you love her and GET ON THE BLOODY BIKE...BITCH

This bike you have can go very very low, thus giving her the confidence to ride and stop without worrying about ...not droping it But making a fool of her self .....CONFIDENSE.

11-04-14, 19:54
Thanks for the advice, particularly about the pre-load. Winding it out to (almost) max dropped the bike enough.
She can get feet on the floor almost flat.
She will be able to get some miles and confidence and then wind preload in.

The little 650gs singles are in my opinion one of the best all around bikes out there. I know ladies of under 5' who have no problem riding them. I recon the biggest confidence booster is being able to touch the ground confidently if not entirely flat footed. I generally recommend my shorter trainees ware military type boots. These have thick soles the protrude forward from the tow by a good enough amount to extend the foot and make it easier for the rider to reach the ground with the balls of their feet, thus boosting confidence. Ladies high heeled bike style boots are great looking on the pillion seat but the thin front sole is next to useless for confidence building.

My other half Jill is also 5' 4". But it's the inside leg that is more important here. She is 21" inside leg. Jill has had two F650gs singles and now rides an R100GS. All these bikes have been lowered to fit. The 650s where just after she passed her test and following an unpleasant (for her and a learning curve for me) experience of a very revvy Honda 600 Hornet.

These 650s where both standard height models, with standard seats and are very easy to lower. There are basically two seat heights available. The 'Standard' (also called the 'Low') and the 'High'. I simply let the fork yokes down the fork stanchions by 1 1/2 inches. At the back I softened the preload almost right down. To compensate for this I wound the damping screw in until it suited Jill weight. Not doing this will cause the bike serious handling issues which is the last thing your lady needs.

HTH Val.

Dizzy Dee
14-04-14, 12:42
I had the lowered G650gs and I had kouba links fitted to mine, dropped the yolk on the forks but left the suspension as is. Could get both feet on the floor. I'm about 10stone and have a 27" inside leg. Normal touring boots.
Hope that helps. PS Kouba links easy to fit but because you don't have a centre stand a milk crate works just dandy!

PS When I sold it we took the Kouba links off and to be honest I rode it to the dealer and didn't miss the links at all. Go figure!

14-04-14, 21:52
... Daytona Ladystar boots; they are internally raised by about an inch and can help with confidence issues. If she's a size 5 we have a scruffy pair in the garage she could try out; we are about 20 miles due North of you.

Jaq has the lowered F650GS with adjustable levers and finds it a doddle :clap

17-04-14, 18:46
Thanks to everyone who has taken trouble to reply. Some interesting points raised.

Thanks oblertone for the offer. She is actually size 6. But might be a good idea to come and see them anyway. Will send you PM.