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Paul Rochdale
27-04-14, 19:08
https://dub122.mail.live.com/default.aspx?id=64855#tid=cmtzb6rT7O4xGvFQAhWtah0g 2&fid=flinbox

I have just bought a basket case MZ ETZ250 for peanuts with the view up building a trail bike. Anyone here with an MZ or with views on the plans? Yes, I have plans to join the MZ Club.

Mike O
27-04-14, 19:10
Link doesn't work...

Paul Rochdale
27-04-14, 19:15
Sorry Mike, but I've just tried it and it works for me. It is an image of a 250 MZ with longer forks, nobbly tyres, and built to resemble a trail bike.

Mike O
27-04-14, 19:17
Takes you to a MS Outlook log in page...

Mr K
27-04-14, 19:18
Needs a password etc

(RIP) Tunneruk
27-04-14, 19:23
I don't like those handlebars ...... :D

Paul Rochdale
27-04-14, 19:28
It's something like this one.

27-04-14, 19:49
Try MZriders.com

02-05-14, 08:05
I do like this idea, my first proper bike was a 1980 MZ Super 5, a truly brilliant bike. Keep us posted on progress Paul.


Paul Rochdale
02-05-14, 08:41
I will AJ. With the last few bikes I've restored I've stuck pretty closely to the original spec. I tend not to like abortions like bobbers, street fighters, hogs, etc, but at a recent classic vehicle event I got talking to a chap with a late 50s MZ which had been converted to trials trim by a PO, loosely in the manner of the works MZs that won half-a-dozen ISDTs in the late 50s/early 60s. With trials tyres, braced handlebars, upswept exhaust and alloy mudguards. the little bike looked (to me) the bee's knees. He then told me of numerous MZs within the club which were either given away or sold for peanuts. A search on eBay and after a few failed bids, I've bought what many may consider a pile of junk for 62. It seems to be from the awfully crappy dark photos to be an ETZ250 - stepped tank and front disc brake - plus spare engine(s) and another frame. I collect it from North London nexr week and look forward to placing it amongst my other projects to be commenced in the fullness of time - Lomax 223, BMW R100/7, Watsonian Palma sidecar, and more.:)

06-05-14, 07:59

I am right there with you on this, with my last project (HOG) on ebay with 3 offers, my T140 Silver Jubilee looking good, this could be the next project, although I have just been offered a Royal Enfield 500 (late model with Electric Start) with 1000 km on the clock that's been sat for 3 years, which is also tempting to do a "Scrambler" conversion on. It makes an AirHead look very expensive toy


Paul Rochdale
09-05-14, 09:10
Well a friend and I collected the 1988 MZ ETZ251 yesterday from Woodford Green, Essex, along with a ton of spares, and I mean 'ton'. Along with the bike came two frames, five engines, wheels, forks, etc, It took two return trips from Kent to collect all the parts, which are mostly safely stored in a large shed at the bottom of the garden. Other than giving the bike a good clean, I shalln't be starting the rebuild just yet as I've a Lomax 223 to finish. I'll put some images up here shortly.

09-05-14, 10:31

To find some information in the MZ home country www.



ISDT history with MZ GS models


Paul Rochdale
11-05-14, 11:48
Thanks for those links, although my German is nothing to write home about.


This is the sort of bike I have in mind.

05-08-14, 21:54
hi Paul have you started it yet or still on the back burner ?

Paul Rochdale
06-08-14, 09:47
Yes Tom, I began the project a week or so ago. It took just a day to reduce the rolling chassis to its component parts. I feel she must be quite a low mileage machine - the milo meter seems to have dropped down into the speedo casing. All of the bearings and rubber bushes seem to be in good condition and none of the fasteners have witness marks nor were seized.

I managed to buy a couple of used Michelin Trials tyres from a local enthusiast, the front being a 21" one, and I also bought a WM1x21 Akront alloy rim for the front. I will be taking the wheels over to a wheel builder in Herne Bay later today to have both wheels rebuilt with ss spokes and polished rims and hubs. I picked up an M Robert plastic trials mudguard for the back.

I won't be able to get the frame powder coated as I'd hoped as I can't see the point in replacing perfectly good rubber bushes, so it'll be two pack. So thats the story so far.

06-08-14, 10:08
On going project................... Started as a '72 CZ477, fitted with an ETZ 250 motor, Vape ignition / charging system and Derbi Senda forks.
I need to do a cut and shut on the silencer to give more clearance for my leg when standing on the footrest.

Neil W
06-08-14, 10:18
There was a similar project in trail bike magazine years ago, I am sure he used xt350 front end and an alloy swinging arm off an old japanese twin shock mx bike along with the rear wheel.
Because of the etz humped tank he was able to use a 80's japanese seat, ended up looking like an mz isdt replica

Paul Rochdale
06-08-14, 18:44
Nick, I think I'm right in saying that no off-the-shelf upswept exhaust pipe fits the ETZ250 engine. Am I right? Did you make yours?

06-08-14, 19:08
Great to see your started it, I've got a soft spot for MZs I've had a few but not for 6 or 7 years. look forward to seeing your build. :beer jug: :thumb2

I'm sure you can't buy off the shelve upswept exhaust. theres a guy on here called pipey ? that makes exhaust and lives near basildon, he did work on my r100gs and is excellent.:thumby:

07-08-14, 21:34
Nick, I think I'm right in saying that no off-the-shelf upswept exhaust pipe fits the ETZ250 engine. Am I right? Did you make yours?

Not that I've found yet, the 'downpipe' is homemade but the silencer is standard.

I believe that there are possibilities using the 'folded type' of expansion chamber grafted onto a standard downpipe. I wish my German was better as its on German websites that the answers are likely to be found.

21-02-15, 21:39
Is there any change? :cool::beerjug:

18-10-16, 19:22
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