View Full Version : G450X - do I buy one or go for a CRF450 etc

Michael R1150GS Adventure
12-08-14, 13:07
SO THEN, speaking from your own experience of your own G450X, would you buy another one?


Greg Masters
12-08-14, 13:32
I rode one once. I thought it was pretty horrible but some folk love them.

15-08-14, 07:00
Could also look at the Husky TE449, which was a development of the G450X.
I'd go for a 2012 onwards as I think the mapping was revised slightly though I am sure there are plenty of happy 2011 owners.

31-10-15, 14:47
Depends what you intend doing with it. If green laning, look elsewhere

31-10-15, 15:13

31-10-15, 15:17
Crap side stand but otherwise excellent. Got a Safari tank on mine giving 200 mile range, lived with 690's in the Pyreness.... really like it

http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p132/mikelittle7/image.jpg1_zpsyleckh67.jpg (http://s127.photobucket.com/user/mikelittle7/media/image.jpg1_zpsyleckh67.jpg.html)