View Full Version : Making minor route adjustments by dragging existing route?

blues n twos
26-08-14, 08:21
Hi gang,

Ok I have searched, watched garmin tutorials and played with all the basecamp tools but I probably can't see the wood for the trees here :rolleyes:

My question.... I want to make a minor adjustment to an already planned route but when I use "ALT" and drag the route it seems that the route is dragged from the start to the finish messing everything up :nenau can you enlighten me on how to put a marker just before and after the point I want to change so I can drag just a small part of the route without it changing the whole thing :beerjug:

Using windows 8.1 on new PC with latest basecamp and I've got a Nav5.

Thank you muchly :thumb

Jon :beerjug:

26-08-14, 09:03
Insert a waypoint(s) where you want the route to "rubberband" from. You'll probably want to turn these into simple shaping points (right click in the route info list of via points "Don't Alert on Arrival")

You can insert waypoints on the map but you will need to drag them into the route info listing of via points to make them part of the route and behave as "rubberband points"

blues n twos
26-08-14, 09:17
Thanks Chris, I will go and give it a go :beerjug: