View Full Version : Exhaust Compatibility for G650GS

05-09-14, 18:14

Hope I've got the correct sub topic; can someone tell me if an after market exhaust from a 2007 F650 (single) will be compatible with my 2012 G650? I've got the chance of used one but no option to return if it doesn't fit.

I really like my baby GS but I'd like it to be heard in Central London traffic, ideally with an exhaust that has twin end cans (dummy or not).

05-09-14, 19:38
It should be fine. The only difference in header size is 1mm between the single and twin spark F's. On the very, very slim chance that it doesn't fit then you can always get a sleeve made. I bought a set of single spark Remus exhausts and fitted them to my twin spark that way and ran it without a problem for five odd years.

06-09-14, 10:42
Thanks. I'll take a gamble on it, sounds like a small mod would sort it out.

Any pointers as to where I can get a sleeve made?