View Full Version : SSDT 2015 - Vertigo Motors

09-05-15, 18:43
SSDT 2015. Fantastic win for "Vertigo Motors" and their prototype bike with the one and only Dougie Lampkin at the controls:clap

BMW would do well to develop their bikes like this before release to the general public:rob

09-05-15, 18:53
What a ride for Doug in the world's toughest Trial

He really threw down the gauntlet on Weds & Thurs by riding clean both days, none of the other riders could emulate him - especially after Tuesday's time penalty fiasco

Doug is one class act, not only with his skill, but determination & the 'will to win' for a guy who rarely rides competitively these days

Well done Doug & well done to the new Vertigo bike

09-05-15, 19:33
Aye pretty impressive stuff, shame about what happened on Tuesday, but hey, that's the six days for you. Dibs took less dabs over the week than Dougie to. Great week for Gary Mac with his third SSDT podium. :thumb2

Steve V
10-05-15, 10:15
Even without the time controversy there would have been a Vertigo on top of the podium IMO. I have to say I'm so pleased it's Doug, it saddens me to say I think that will be his last one with the crop of young riders coming through, but I hope I'm wrong....again.