View Full Version : TOMTOM waypoints

19-06-15, 13:53
How close do you have pass to the waypoint so the TOMTOM knows you're ready to be directed to the next one?
I've downloaded a route and on closer inspection some of the waypoints are just off the road or on the wrong side of the road.

19-06-15, 15:22
In my experience with a TT Rider 2, pretty damn close. I've had waypoints on the opposite side of a dual carriageway and it's instructed me to come off at the next exit and go back up the other side till I ride over the waypoint! :blast
Ho hum, keeps me on my toes I suppose [emoji1]

19-06-15, 15:28
Yes, waypoints need to be spot on the route, I always zoom right into the points on the route and MAKE SURE they are right on the road / correct side of a dual carriageway.